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Wildewood Sewage Pump Station
Stacking Dry well in yard for pipe fitting Installation of pumps and piping in our yard Structure arrives with equipment already mounted, saving on installation time Inside of Prefabricated Control Building. Neat, orderly and clean!

Location: California, Maryland
Engineering Firm: John A Hoffman, P.C.

Scope of Project:
Manufacture a 10' W x 12' L x 26' D concrete wet well with a Muffin Monster Comminutor at influent and a 12' W x 18' L x 26' D concrete dry well with two Smith & Loveless Model# 8D4C   75HP Non-Clog pumps with a PortaCon Structures prefabricated control building on top.  Building housed a BihlerTech AT2K controller, and ABB C1311 chart recorder, a dehumidifier, a unit heater, a ventilation fan, and a Jeffco Crane system.  

There was also a 6' W x 10' L x 7' D valve vault housing a Crispin 12" SWC check valve and a 12" ABB flowmeter as part of the bypass piping system. 

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