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Elizabeth Hills Subdivision Sewage Pump Station
Loading building for shipping. Comminutor fitted prior to shipping. Fitting suction pumps in yard. Electrical completed prior to shipping. Finished project.

Location: Great Mills, Maryland
Engineering Firm: John A Hofmann, P.C., Prince Frederick, MD

Scope of Project:
Wet Well – 10 ft Diam. X 22 ft deep. Contains a Smith & Loveless Formula X suction lift station with two 20Hp pumps with a design point of 200 gpm @ 123 ft TDH. 4 inch DIP discharge. EZ Vent BV108FPE Basic PVC Vent, and a blower fan.

Valve Vault – 6 ft x 9 ft x 6 ft deep with tapered floor and drain back to wet well. Piping includes 4 inch DIP with a Dezurik Plug Valve and Krohne Optiflux 4000 Flowmeter w/remote signal converter, emergency bypass pump piping and an aluminum ladder with safety-up.

Comminutor Manhole - 8 ft Diam X 14 ft deep. 8” influent and discharge with Taskmaster TM8512 – 5HP Hydraulic drive Comminutor on a lift-out rail system.

Control Building - Portacon Structures 10 ft X 8 ft-8 in Split face block transportable building. Build contains Duplex pump control panel, VFD drives, Chart Recorder, IFC-300 Signal Converter, RTU/SCADA, back-up Auto-dialer, comminutor auto-reverse drive control panel, Exhaust fan and MOD intake louver, and 1500W wall heater.




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