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Shad Landing Pump Station
Pre-mounted aeration, vent, influent, and transfer piping. Riser piping and guide rails with pre-mounted SS pipe support. Interior of Valve Vault w/plug valves, check valves, and gauges. Day Two of Shipping - 13 trailers. Finished Site.  All four structures in the ground with Air-Mixers hooked up.

Location: Pocomoke River State Park Forest, Pocomoke City , Maryland
Engineering Firm: EBA Engineering, Inc, Laurel, MD

Scope of Project:
Wet Well – 12ft Diam. X 18ft deep. Contains two 7.5HP Hydromatic Pumps with a design point of 68 gpm @ 142 ft TDH. 4 inch DIP throughout. 8” PVC mushroom cap static vent, EZ Vent LLC 3/4HP Blower fans with fiberglass enclosures, and ¾” stainless steel aeration piping with diffusers.  Two 12' diameter x 17' deep overflow storage tanks with air mix diffuser systems.

Valve Vault – 12ft x 6ft x 7ft tall with tapered floor and drain back to wet well. Piping includes 4 inch DIP with GA Figure 25-DXH hydraulic swing check valves, Dezurik Plug Valves, Wika pressure gauges, and ABB Magnetic Flowmeter.


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