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Royal Farms BioMicrobics System and Pump Station
Structures in yard. Air lines to BioMicrobics Unit. Looking down pump station riser. Hayward Series Y Check Valves.

Location: Fort Smallwood Road, Baltimore, MD
Engineering Firm: Matis Warfield Engineering, Hunt Valley, MD

Scope of Project:
Wet Well - 8 ft Diam x 9 ft deep concrete structure. Two Ebara 50DWXFU61.5 2HP pumps with a design point of 59gpm@ 39 TDH, 3” PVC risers, Hayward Y-Check spring valves, and True-Union ball valves with extension handles up to manhole opening.

Treatment Vault - BioMicrobics HighStrength FAST 3.0 unit, 3ft diam. center riser for blower connection, two 12” PVC riser inspection ports all with watertight manhole lids and a EZ Vent BV106F basic vent.





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