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APG C4ISR Pump Station and Control Building
Top view of wet well and valve vault. Valve Vault with interior piping complete. Wet well is completely manufactured above ground prior to shipping. Pre-fabricated building, slab, and foundation on shipping day. Building, roof and generator on trailers day of shipping.

Location: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, Maryland
Engineering Firm: Developed by Infra Tech, LLC

Scope of Project:
Wet Well – 10ft Diam. X 25ft deep. Contains two 30HP Fairbanks/Morse Pumps with a design point of 1350 gpm @ 55 ft TDH. 10 inch DIP throughout. 12” PVC mushroom cap static vent, and an EZ Vent odor control unit.

Valve Vault – 7.5ft x 14ft x 9ft tall with tapered floor and drain back to wet well. Piping includes 10 inch DIP with three Dezurik PEC Plug Valves, two Crispin SWL check valves, an ABB Flowmeter and a 6” bypass connection through the lid.

Control Building – A Porta Con Structures pre-fabricated control building with a mounted 125kW generator on a 13ft and 24ft concrete slab.






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